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Seven Hills Saga

Graphic design/ Photography/ Web design and development

even Hills Saga is a blog about the city of Istanbul, but in addition to this, the idea is to compare, in a positive spirit, two cities loved by the blogger on two different continents, namely Istanbul in Asia (Turkey) and Turku in Europe (Finland). Both inspiring wonders and everyday life are relevant to the blogger - not forgetting to share information. Thus, the blog is closer to an internet magazine in terms of content, visuals and technical structure.

What did we do?

From scratch, we created a blog with an internationally acclaimed visual look that has drawn its inspiration from both the oriental mystique of Istanbul and the turquoise ravines of the Marmara Sea. We implemented the site 's user experience on the front line and crowned the whole with majestic visuals - see even the Turku - Istanbul combination image we both photographed and processed!

“Comia Creative’s expertise, professionalism and helpful attitude unexpectedly enabled me, the digital amateur, to start as a blogger. Extensive knowledge, a wealth of ideas as well as knowledge of (cyber) security make our virtual trip to Istanbul with my readers carefree and enjoyable. The charming visual look was born as if by itself. Comia Creative is also well-versed in digital marketing and analytics expertise, which is often invisible to the outside world but important. It is special and rare to find an expert as a partner, which combines creativity, technical know-how and people-oriented customer service skills. The Seven Hills Saga thanks - this is a pleasure!”

Anne Özay
International blogger
Seven Hills Saga