Advertising agencies don't usually tell their prices on their websites.

This is because projects almost invariably have a number of variables that affect costs. For example, the costs of a website are affected by e.g. desired features, publishing platform, need for content production, illustrations and of course the scope of the site. This makes it challenging to put a fixed price tag on services.

But we do.

Contrary to the mainstream, we have compiled an example price list for some of our services, which shows our general price level. However, keep in mind that the price list is indicative and the actual price will be determined by asking. So feel free to contact us and we will find out your needs, tailor the package to suit them and calculate a bargain price for you!

Customized website

From 1490€

Customized logo

From 490€

Corporate identity

From 690€

Product photography

From 40€/product

Staff photography

From 50€/person

Advertisement video

From 999€

Website maintenance

From 25€/month

Social media strategy

From 599€

Business card design

From 99€

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

Henry Ford

Founder, Ford Motor Company