One agency.
Two continents.
All the services.

Modern creative agency.

Comia Creative is a modern creative agency based in world’s second northernmost capital Helsinki and the metropolis of two continents – Istanbul. We offer our worldwide services.

Our goal is to break old-fashioned stereotypes about advertising agencies and to make versatile and creative marketing solutions available to everyone with brilliant customer service and a relaxed approach to get things done.

Why Comia Creative?

There are advertising agencies and creative players of all sorts, so choosing the right partner can seem challenging. Luckily, we have several aces up our sleeves, so you can stop considering elsewhere.


We operate internationally and our team is literally made up of world-class professionals.

Ease and versatility.

Everything regarding your marketing needs effortlessly taken care of under single roof.

Unbeatable value for money.

The quality of a large advertising house, but the cost level of a small agency.

A truly serving agency.

No jargon or technical nonsense, but direct action and brilliant customer service.

Our values

Together towards a better tomorrow.



We want to help you genuinely, whether you are a newly started private entrepreneur or a representative of an international corporation.



When something needs to be done, it needs to be done properly. Period. High-quality and durable solutions carry far and bring efficient results.



Our mentality is to constantly evolve, both as professionals and as people, and to constantly look for better ways to act.

“What is the point of being on This Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ex-governor, terminator