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Fantastico Production

Graphic design/ Video production/ Web design and development

Fantastico Production is a full-service program and event house specializing in creative events production.

They plan and execute events from start to finish and organize everything from technology to catering. There is also a wide selection of Finnish star artists in their selection, which is guaranteed to leave no one cold when it comes to festive atmosphere.

What did we do?

Fantastic website

We implemented a complete website overhaul for Fantastico Production. The operation was challenged by the huge amount of content on the site - there were e.g. news, references, events, performers, blog posts and more.

We carefully took the time to design and created a thorough sitemap to rationalize the structure and put the contents in a logical order. As we say in Finland, well planned is half done. This applies also to websites.

The look of the site, on the other hand, reflects the company’s elegant feminine energy, but without forgetting the festive vibe and light atmosphere.

A special filter was created for the performers, which allows a wide range of performers to be sorted by genre or to put the performers in alphabetical order.

The site’s dashboard created its own clear sections for each content type, so adding new content is as successful as dancing.

The end result is fantastic, even if we say it ourselves. FP’s crew was even so excited about the end result that they wrote an entire blog article about the project. Check it out here!

Life-sized video

Comia Creative's handprint can be seen in many places, but this time the video we made for Fantastico Production came to the Finnish parade venue - Helsinki's Senate Square! The simply stylish advertising video was shown at the opening of Helsinki in Christmas 2020 on a modest 8m x 4m screen.

“Fantastico Production’s team recommends Comia Creative to anyone who is considering a completely new website or a new look for existing ones. Great and innovative service. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ”

Minna von Weissenberg
Communications Manager
Fantastico Production
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