Customer story

Turkish Care 360

Corporate identity/ Graphic design/ Logo design/ Web design and development

Assist Expat is an Istanbul-based consulting company founded in 1998 that assists foreigners in arranging business and practical life in their hometown. In addition to Istanbul, the company operates e.g. In Los Angeles and San Francisco.

We created a new visual look, logo and website for the company by listening carefully to the customer’s wishes.

The premise was that the look should convey corporate dignity and the professionalism brought by decades of experience, but without forgetting the modern feel.

As the company operates internationally, attention also had to be paid to the international functionality of the site. That’s why we connected the site to a content distribution network that uploads the site to servers located around the world and makes loading fast regardless of the visitor’s physical location.

"Working with Comia Creative was not only easy and fun, but also an educational experience. The solutions and creative ideas we received were first class - although we expected a lot, we got more. Comia Creative will receive our full recommendations and our collaboration will certainly continue in the future. Thank you."

Özge Şeker
Executive consultant
Turkish Care 360