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Video production and motion graphics

According to the legendary financial magazine Forbes, more than 500 million people watch videos every day on Facebook alone. Video is the future.

Promotional videos

Do you need a promotional video for a TV, social media or even an airplane seat back display? We got your back.

Reference videos

What better advertisement for a company than a satisfied customer? Satisfied customer in a video. We interview and get testimonials from your customers so you can show the world why your business is the best.

Tutorial videos

The instructions for use are so 90’s. Guide videos, on the other hand, are a modern way to guide people to what-to-do and what-not-to-do.

Something else? Will do.

There are countless uses for videos, but as a rule of thumb, if it’s about a camera and it has to look good, we’ll take care of it.

In collaboration with KarmaMedia

The video productions are carried out in close co-operation with KarmaMedia, a high-class media house based in Espoo, Finland. In addition to the mutual Eastern Finland origins, KarmaMedia and Comia Creative are united by both ambition and a desire to do things in their own bold way, but naturally, without compromising on quality.

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And that's not all.

As you probably already know, our range is the widest on the market. So in addition to the video production, you also get all the other marketing services under one roof.