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Social media

Social media platforms are today one of the most important and effective marketing channels. In addition to this, social media platforms continue to grow all the time. So now is the best time to jump into the wonderful world of social media. Through social media, you can increase brand awareness and build a valuable and committed community around your brand.

Social media strategy

Social media is full of valuable content. In order for your brand to stand out, it is important to know what is being done, to whom and why. A consulting strategy created special for your business will provide answers to these questions.

Based on business objectives

The strategy is always created based of the company’s business objectives and its purpose is to optimize the work input used in the company. In other words, we tell you how you can create value through social media presence.

We’ll get to know your brand thoroughly

Making each strategy starts with getting to know the brand. Social media strategy is, after all, part of the business strategy and it is important that the values ​​and basic pillars are reflected.

A unique social media brand

We always do market research before making a strategy to make sure we create a unique social media brand for your company. The intention is to stand out positively.

Attractive profile for followers

A professional and thoughtful profile creates credibility and reliability. With our instructions you will know how to create an attractive profile for your own target audience.

Value-creating content

The strategy defines ”a content categories” that support your business and suitable post examples and ideas. You’ll learn how to identify the kind of valuable content your business should publish on social media pages.

You will learn to use social media professionally

Social media strategy is a personalized guide to goal-oriented social media work. After the strategy process, you will have all the tools and capabilities to monitor the strategy independently.

Social media management

Is social media taking too much of your valuable time? Doesn’t it make more sense to spend hours on what you originally set out to do as an entrepreneur? Comia can manage and take good care of your social media accounts. Together with your company, we create a strategy, after which we produce quality content according to the strategy for your sites from week to week.


One of the keys to success is consistency. By outsourcing social media, you get planned and consistent published content.

Quality content

We create content for your accounts exactly according to our strategy. Every post is valuable and in line with the brand.

Interaction and customer service

Social media is a place where the brand needs to be approachable. When you outsource your social media, we can also take care of responding to inquiries and comments received through your accounts – according to the tone of the brand, of course.

Flexible division of labor

The situation is different for every company. Do you want to outsource only one part of your social media and take care of another yourself? Will do.

PAid social media advertising?

A great investment.

According to the financial magazine Forbes, the average ROI (Return on Investment) is 100%. In other words, when you invest 1 Euro in paid advertising, you get 2 back. This, of course, requires that it be done correctly. We are here for that.