Customer story

Maria Korpisalo

Graphic design/ Personal brand/ Photography/ Web design and development

Maria is a determined and people-oriented entrepreneurship coach. She has worked as an entrepreneur for four years, as a supervisor for ten years and now works as a business advisor in the City of Helsinki. Through her work, Maria wants to contribute to a sustainable society and a sustainable future and, above all, to make her customers' dreams come true.

This interesting project included the creation of a comprehensive personal brand for entrepreneurship coach Maria Korpisalo, including all the services needed to start a business: a corporate image, a website, a strategy and, of course, a profile.

Personal brand discovery and mapping

A distinctive personal brand is a valuable tool for an expert who wants to sell their skills. We created a brand for Maria that attracts consumers that reflects her values ​​as an entrepreneurship coach. Maria and I went through her skills, goals, and style, which she likes.

Corporate identity

After the personal brand discovery, the visual look needed to communicate everything we had just discovered and created regarding the personal brand.

The brand colors white, gold, silver and precious green depict dignity, development, the beginning of success and success. Elegance and elegance were important, as the goal was to differentiate the brand from many other business advisors. Also, the logo will message these same values.


We created a clear and easy-to-use branded website. We also made sure that the client could update the blog and other website content herself, as it's the important part of the business.

Social media strategy

The creation of a sister strategy was a bigger whole for Maria, as a large part of the business focuses on soma platforms. We created a strategy specifying materials that create core value for the business (videos, podcasts and longer posts) and marketing channels (Instagram & TikTok). This resulted in a systematic plan that fully supports the business.