Customer story

Dream On Group

Corporate identity/ Graphic design/ Photography/ Web design and development

Dream On Group is a modern and innovative sales company that offers its customers a wide range of sales outsourcing services.

Their goal is to reform the sales industry and create conditions where everyone can make dreams come true.

What did we do?

Logo and corporate identity

Dream On Group's vision is to be a bold leader in its field, while also taking care of its own. This, of course, had to be reflected in the corporate look as well, so right from the design language of the logo, it was made clear that cohesion is part of the story. The main color of the brand was warm orange, which symbolizes energy, enthusiasm and determination. Throughout history, orange has also been used in royal coats of arms and clothing, and has been found to appeal especially to young people.


The Dream On Group website is specifically designed to attract new top sales professionals of the future to contact. For this reason, a warm and encouraging atmosphere was created for the site, so that the visitors’ threshold for contact was as low as possible.

Staff photography

It is important to give a good picture of ourselves and that is why we photographed professional staff images of the Dream On Group management team. Recruitment and coaching director Antti Rissanen said in retrospectively: "Probably the best photo ever taken of me!"

All of this was worthwhile - even though the company was new, they got a large deal with a well-known customer immediately after the corporate look was announced. This is an excellent example of why it is worth investing in the company's appearance and appearance.

“A very good experience for the inexperienced. The end result is prime and things went through clearly hand in hand. We were constantly aware of what was happening right now and what was going to happen. Strong recommendation.”

Markus Pippola
Dream On Group